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Jeff Chandler always wanted to be an author, but was too busy building a career in music, and then sales, to get around to writing.  He spent 3 1/2 years in Nashville singing and playing guitar for country music star Marty Robbins ( El Paso ).  After a stint in Ruidoso, New Mexico with the Flying J Ranch Chuckwagon Suppers and Western Show, he sold his interest in the entertainment complex and moved to Little Rock.  There, Jeff began a career in sales...first radio and television advertising, then pharmaceuticals, and finally real estate.  


Carole, hailing from San Diego, wound up in the Dallas area and began a successful career in sales, beginning with managing a gym and then moving into the jewelry business.  She became a managing partner of 3 Jewelry stores in the area for many years, then enjoyed a successful career in real estate.  In the back of her mind, she always wanted to write.  



Now, they are following that life-long dream of writing they both shared.  With 3 books completed, and working on several more to be published this year, they are enjoying being creative together.  Carole is very busy these days, not only as a novelist, but an artist and painter, while Jeff teaches guitar when not hunting, water skiing and writing. 


They enjoy spending time with their extended family of 5 children and the 9 grandchildren they have been blessed with.  Plans are to publish 3 books a year, so writing takes up a great deal of their time!