We believe everyone has a book inside them.  We often discussed how much fun it would be to write a novel, and one day decided to take the plunge.  Staring at a blank page with that little cursor flashing can be very intimidating.    We dove in, and before we knew it, had three books under our belt.  We are currently working on numbers four and five, with a bulletin board full of ideas and plotlines for what is next.  

Guitars, Music and Murder


The annual Country Music Association televised awards show is only a few days away, and Nashville is in a panic.  A serial killer is targeting country music professionals, and every possible victim will be assembled in Bridgestone Arena for the show.  Private investigator Huston Grant, a former working musician, has a theory about the pattern the assassin is following.  Is he right? With the clock running, there is no room for error.

The first in the Huston Grant series, GUITARS, MUSIC AND MURDER takes you on a thrill ride of twists, turns and heart-stopping intrigue.

Murder in Lieu of Flowers (2).jpg

 Murder in Lieu of Flowers


In Denver, 2 thieves abscond with a bag of cash from a drug deal.  One thief leaves his partner for dead, and heads east.  He is unaware that his partner is tailing him, desperate for revenge-and the bag of money.

At the same time, in the town of Oak Hill, Tennessee, Frank Davis inherits the family funeral home.  Shortly after he moves to town, accidental deaths skyrocket, business booms, and suspicions arise.  The local chief of police asks a childhood friend, Nashville private eye Huston Grant, to nose around and see what he can turn up.  What he discovers is a web of adultery, greed and murder that strikes very close to home.

The action comes fast and furious in the second Huston Grant thriller, MURDER IN LIEU OF FLOWERS.


Side Effect Murder


William Bradford runs Vonn Pharmaceuticals with an iron fist.  His son, Taylor, is in line to take over, but dear old dad isn't ready to relinquish the reins.  Tired of waiting, young Bradford strikes an unholy alliance with billionaire tycoon Ken Curtis to move things along.  Nashville private eye Huston Grant, along with his girl "Friday" Gwen Campbell, are brought into the case and the action begins..


From the neon lights of Las Vegas, to a mountaintop in Colorado and finally winding up in New York City, the 2 factions employ hit men who leave a wake of bodies in their paths.  Can Huston and Gwen find the answers before someone else turns up dead?